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Is there a sign that your air conditioner may be running low on freon?

Typically when a system is running low on refrigerant, or if there is a leak in the system, your system may have a much longer run time to reach your set temperature, or if your system in not reaching your target temperature on the thermostat.

Do you need to put a cover on your air conditioner for the winter time?

We recommend only covering the the top fan portion of the condenser, to keep leaves and other derbies from settling in the bottom of the compressor area.

How often should my AC system be maintained?

We recommend having annual maintenance on your AC system performed to keep it running at full capacity and peak efficiency to keep your energy bill down.

What is flat rate pricing?

Flat rate pricing gives you an up front, direct cost of your repair regardless of how long the repair takes.

How often should I change my air filter?

Depending on what kind of filter you are using it’s generally every 30 days to 6 months. The filter should have the life expectancy on the side of the filter. If using a high end dense 3m filter we recommend changing every 1.5 months as this filter becomes a big restriction on the system and decreases efficiency.

What should I do if my AC system gets ice build up?

We recommend turn off air conditioning from thermostat and put the fan in the on position from thermostat, to help with the defrosting of the system. The system needs to be fully defrosted in order for the technician to trouble shoot the system properly.

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